Homes For Rent in Antalya Turkey

  • homes for rent in antalya turkey
  • homes for rent in antalya turkey
  • homes for rent in antalya turkey
  • homes for rent in antalya turkey
  • 1428-06
  • homes for rent in antalya turkey
Homes For Rent in Antalya Turkey
Liman Mh., 07100 Antalya/Antalya, Türkiye
For Rent $800 Monthly - Furnished Apartments
125 85 m2 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 1 Garage

Homes for rent in Antalya Turkey, (Furnished apartments for rent in Antalya)

in Konyaaltı, never sea,

About Antalya, The city, along with the whole region, was conquered by the Seljuk Turks in the early 13th century. The Arabic traveler Ibn Battuta who came to the city in between 1335-1340 noted: From Alaya I went to Antaliya, a most beautiful city. It covers an immense area, and though of vast bulk is one of the most attractive towns to be seen anywhere, besides being exceedingly populous and well laid out. Each section of the inhabitants lives in a separate quarter. The Christian merchants live in a quarter of the town known as the Mina, and are surrounded by a wall, the gates of which are shut upon them from without at night and during the Friday service. The Greeks, who were its former inhabitants, live by themselves in another quarter, the Jews in another, and the king and his court and Mamluks in another, each of these quarters being walled off likewise. The rest of the Muslims live in the main city. Round the whole town and all the quarters mentioned there is another great wall. The town contains orchards and produces fine fruits, including an admirable kind of apricot, called by them Qamar ad-Din, which has a sweet almond in its kernel. This fruit is dried and exported to Egypt, where it is regarded as a great luxury.

By the second half of the 17th century Evliya Çelebi recorded a city of narrow streets containing 3,000 houses in twenty Turkish neighbourhoods and four Greek. The town had grown beyond the city walls and the port could hold up to 200 boats.


Additional Details

  • Deposit: $300
  • Building Age: 4
  • Building Number of Floors: 4
  • Building Floor: 2
  • City Center: 5km
  • Hospital: 150m
  • Bus Stop: 100m
  • Post Office (PTT): 300m
  • Airport: 17km
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